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China has the largest resources and production capacity for natural and fine chemical raw materials in the world. Overseas companies are looking increasingly towards China as their preferred source for quality ingredients. Purchasing directly from the supply country may cut millions from intermediary costs if the right contact is made.

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Germanium Sesquioxide

Latin Name:Organic Germanium
Testing Method:HPLC
Pack Size:25 kg/drum
Description:Organic Germanium GE-132 is a mineral composed of the elements germanium, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. Ge-132 has been found in high quantities in garlic, Siberian ginseng and other medicinal plants.

Organic Germanium greatly enriches oxygen in your body. Since all diseases are attributable to the deficiency of oxygen, the dangers of oxygen deficiency in the human body cannot be overemphasized. When you take Organic Germanium, you are increasing your body's reserve of oxygen and you are helping your body supplement the oxygen required.

Organic Germanium appears completely safe. All studies indicate it's non-toxic to man and animals. Studies also indicate that all measurable traces of the element leave the body within 26 hours, thus it can be taken daily.
Application:Organic Germanium can be used to make food supplements,cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Test Item             Specification                    Test Results 
Appearance            White crystalline Powder         Complied
Loss on drying        <0.3%                            Complied
(2hr at 120 C)	
Density               1.28g/cm3                        Complied
Particle size         95%min pass 200 mesh             Complied
Solubility            Water 20g/L approximate(60¡ãC)   Complied	
Ge                    >42.5%                           42.8%
Ge-132                >99.5%                           99.95%
Pb(mg/kg)             <0.5                             0.05
As(mg/kg)             <0.5                             0.05
Cd(mg/kg)             <0.1                             0.01
Cu(mg/kg)             <1.0                             0.03
Hg(mg/kg)             <0.1                             0.01
GeO3(mg/kg)           <200                             9.8
pH                    2.5-2.6                          2.6

Total Bacteria:       <100cfu/g                        <10cfu/g 
E.Coli.:              <30cfu/100g                      Complied  
Salmonella:           Absent                           Complied

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