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China has the largest resources and production capacity for natural and fine chemical raw materials in the world. Overseas companies are looking increasingly towards China as their preferred source for quality ingredients. Purchasing directly from the supply country may cut millions from intermediary costs if the right contact is made.

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Gynostemma Pentaphyllum P.E.

Latin Name:Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
Specification:80% Gypenosides
Testing Method:UV
Pack Size:25 kg/drum
Description:Jiaogulan (pronounced 'jee-ow-goo-lan') is a vine which grows wild in mountainous areas of Southern China and other parts of Asia. In China, the herb is known as 'herb of immortality' as it is believed to delay aging and increase endurance. It is in a rare class of herbs called ¡®adaptogens¡¯ that help your body without causing any harm or imbalance. Jiaogulan is especially helpful in building your body¡¯s natural resistance to stress. The amazing effect jiaogulan has on cardio-vascular health has earned it the title of ¡°the herbal heart defender¡±.
Application:Jiaogulan - China's "Immortality Herb" - is traditionally used to:
* regulate blood pressure
* support a healthy cholesterol balance
* support cardiovascular function
* support the body's natural adrenal process
* support the body's healthy immune system
Items                           Specification               Results
Sieve analysis                  Light yellow green powder   O.K.
Moisture                        <3.0%
Extract Solvents                GRain Alcohol(65%) + water  O.K.
Extract Ratio                   10:1                        O.K.
Carries Used                    None                        O.K.

Total of gypenosides            >20%                        21.4%
Ash                             <10%                        6.7%
Heavy metals                    <20ppm                      Complied
Lead(Pb)                        <5ppm                       Complied
Arsenic (As2O3)                 <2ppm                       Complied
Mercury (Hg)                    <0.5ppm                     Complied
Solvents Residue                <0.05%                      0.01%

Total Plate Count               <1000cfu/g                  O.K.
E.Coli.                         Absent                      O.K.
Salmonella                      Absent                      O.K.
Yeast & Mold                    <50cfu/g                    O.K.
Aflatoxins                      <0.2ppb                     Absent

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