Amino Acid Supplementation Can Reverse Muscle Loss From Inactivity

GALVESTON, Texas--In a study published in the July issue of Journal of Nutrition (135:1809-1812), researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch and The Shriner’s Hospital for Children report supplementation with essential amino acids (EAAs) can help reverse lean muscle loss in healthy people who have undergone a prolonged period of bed rest or involuntary inactivity. Decreased muscle protein synthesis leads to a decrease in whole body protein turnover, resulting in a substantial loss of lean body mass. Researchers noted the muscle loss is even greater when accompanied by stress, such as during convalescence following an injury or trauma.

The study results showed an EAA supplement formulated to match the EAAs in muscle can provide a potent anabolic stimulus for muscle protein. EAA supplementation during 28 days of bed rest stimulated net muscle protein synthesis and lessened function decline compared to a placebo. However, the scientists added nutritional intervention alone is not as effective in maintaining lean muscle mass during severe stress and inactivity, and other anabolic stimuli may be necessary.

(Published: Journal of Nutrition (135:1809-1812), )

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